Introducing Matt, our PC guy!

Introducing Matt, our PC guy!

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Matt Grima, a first year Computer Science student with a passion for machines and scuba diving. From the man himself:

I like to tinker with machines to see how they work. I’ve built two computers thus far, and will probably build several more in future. I’m something of a repairman and DIY expert, got plenty of experience working with tools … I’m a computer scientist at heart though, taking the Bachelor of Science Honors Computer Science course with the Faculty of ICT. I am also an avid scuba diver, planning on getting the advanced open water qualification soon … I used to be a total gamer, but then highschool happened, so now I game whenever there’s nothing better to do.

Matt will be adding some great PC-related content to the site, focusing on bringing in-depth tutorials and PSAs to you, the reader.  A word of warning, it gets real technical, real fast – but don’t worry. Follow the guides and you’ll be fine!  Till next time,


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