App Spotlight: Notification Weather for Android

App Spotlight: Notification Weather for Android

Notification Weather

If there’s just one single are in which Android stands head and shoulders above the competition it just has to be notifications. Windows Phone’s notifications are basic, but rather rudimentary. Notification Centre on iOS is a step in the right direction for the platform but is still a clumsy and inefficient method of handling notifications. No no, Android is indubitably superior. Notifications on Jelly Bean are clean, organised and oh so versatile. Any app can plug into the notifications and expandable notifications just make everything that much better. See the basics when busy, expand for more info when the shade isn’t quite that full.

That, fellow readers, is the basic premise behind Notification Weather for Android. A weather app hiding away in your notification shade. As I said earlier this app has 2 views, a “collapsed” view and and “expanded” view. The UI is spot on – the damn thing looks stock! Really, Matias Duarte himself could have designed this. Read on past the break for more.

Collapsed View

The “collapsed” view simply shows the name of the location you’re in, the current temperature (at time of update), and the weather forecast. That’s it,  and that’s all you need isn’t it?

Expanded View

The “expanded” view is busier, more detailed. It’s split into 2 sections, a top half and a bottom half. The top half shows your current location, forecast, and time of last update on the left. In the centre a large iconic representation of the weather forecast. On the right you will find the current temperature (at time of update), temperature high and low as forecasted, and the wind speed. The bottom half shows an iconic forecast for the following four days complete with an abbreviation (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc) and the forecasted temperature highs and lows for that day. Simple.

Download Notification Weather

You can get Notification Weather from the Google Play Store here.

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