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Month: February 2013

Ad Watch: Sony’s Xperia Z Commercial Tugs On Your Heartstrings

Ad Watch: Sony’s Xperia Z Commercial Tugs On Your Heartstrings


What I watched last night is quite possibly the best commercial I’ve seen in quite some time, coming from a company that’s struggling for relevance. Sony knows that today’s buyers go to Samsung, HTC, or Apple for the cutting edge flagships. Heck, the HTC One’s announcement has already pushed the Xperia Z to the sidelines – but sales are going strong. What has Sony got that its competitors, except for Apple, don’t? Heritage. A crapton of heritage and sentimentality spanning 3 or 4 generations.

Everyone has that one brand that we think of fondly, a company whose products shaped your life or preferences or anything in a special way. For me, that’s Nokia (like most Maltese and Europeans). I’ve never really had an opinion about Sony, neither good nor bad, but I have a particular friend who does. I have relatives who speak fondly of Sony VHS players and Walkmans and Playstations and cameras.

Even though I’m as yet uninitiated in the cult of Sony, this commercial makes me think, “God I want a Sony.” The heritage speaks to me, the technological significance. I’m a sucker for history.

Why do I think this commercial works? If my Nexus 4 were to disappear right this second and I were to buy another smartphone I wouldn’t wait for the next Galaxy S, I wouldn’t wait for the HTC One come out, and I’m not entirely sure I’d still go for the Nexus 4. Get what I’m saying? I think you do.

Maltese Availability of the HTC One

Maltese Availability of the HTC One


Hot on the heels of their grand HTC One unveiling HTC wasted no time in announcing world wide availability of their flagship. It’s a hell of a list, but there are just 2 tidbits I find interesting.


Firstly, the phone will be available in Malta on all 3 major carriers, those being: Vodafone Malta, Go Malta, and Melita Malta. While the phone’s “LTE ready” the 3 networks only go up to HSPA+. Pricing is unknown as of yet, and there is no indication on each carrier’s website that they will be carrying the device, but since HTC said they are I think it’s just a matter of time.

The phone is also available on pre-order from, at €629.99 incl. VAT.


The second interesting tidbit represents a break in HTC’s tradition of launching different flagships on different carriers. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint will each be getting the HTC One, and not some variation thereof, a la the HTC Evo 4G LTE.

Verizon’s out of the picture for now, and it’s unclear whether that will change. Verizon’s usually championed Samsung’s Galaxy S phone as their flagship, with HTC making up their mid-range Droid Incredible line.


So, will you get one? I’m tempted, to say the least. It’s a beast, but the software hasn’t won me over.  STOCK FTW!