Throwback Thursdays: The Nokia 3310!

Throwback Thursdays: The Nokia 3310!


This is, perhaps, the single most recognisable phone to come out in the last decade. Think about it, everyone and their mother can tell what it is, or at least that Nokia made it.  You may not have owned one but the phone’s incredible popularity in the early 00’s means that you’re bound to have seen one  –  or a dozen.

The 3310’s Legacy

The 3310 has single handedly brought Nokia’s legendary build quality to levels of awe usually reserved for Chuck Norris. Heck, it’s the one thing he can’t break!

All kidding aside the 3310 memes helped Nokia stay relevant and at the back of people’s minds even if they were getting ridiculed. Ever heard anyone call the Lumia 920 “flimsy” or “weak”? Doubt it. 999 out of every 1000 Nokia memes out there feature a 3310. Such as….


Here’s a gallery of memes I found lying around on the interwebs.  The source is found in the caption.  Here’s to being ‘internet famous’.

So it’s famous for being a meme?

There’s more to it than that. The 3310 really is a brick of a phone that’s incredibly hard to kill. For many teens it was their first phone, either buying it new with some funky custom panels or as a hand me down given to them by their parents. I didn’t have one personally, but quite a few members of my family did. Heck, my grandmother still uses hers, even though the battery is no longer measured in terms of weeks but in terms of mere days.

You what this thing had that almost no other phone on the market has today? Genuine Snake. And Space Impact II. Remember Space Impact? That was a hell of a game. Sure the 3310’s controls weren’t the most ergonomic or intuitive but as kids we didn’t really care.  I play Snake every once in a while on my grandmother’s 3310 every once in a while and it’s as frustratingly addictive as the first time I laid eyes on it. Good time, good times.

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