BlackBerry 9720 Announced With BB7 In Tow. Wait, what?

BlackBerry 9720 Announced With BB7 In Tow. Wait, what?

BlackBerry 9720

Imagine this: you’re CEO of a company struggling to remain relevant in a cut throat industry dominated by Google, Apple, and Samsung.  You’ve got just one chance left and your latest creation has been pretty well reviewed by the press. You’re making progress, people are waiting for your second wave of devices to ship. What do you do?  You don’t ship a phone with your old OS, that’s what. What are the Canadians thinking?!

Their reasoning isn’t too bad. They want a cheap entry level device to lure young customers into their eco-system and stealing users from Android and iOS. Trouble is that quite a few entry-level Android phones these days have specs that are over and above what the 9720 offers.  Heck they’re much faster too, have better cameras, offer far more apps, and actually belong to the present.  2009 can keep the 9720.

You can’t milk a dead cow

You want to lure budget-minded customers to your ecosystem? Take your best experience and make it cheap.  These days Android OEMs are building ever more powerful “budget” devices with dual core processors and 8MP cameras running a version of Android not more than 2 releases behind. That is how it’s done.

RIM, before renaming itself to BlackBerry, was not just a hardware company but a software company too. Have they lost that?  BlackBerry 10’s current specs are pretty high end, with all 3 devices running on Krait chipsets. So why don’t they just optimise the OS for cheaper, older chipsets? I know it’s not an easy task, but it’s what has to be done.

The company is in serious trouble and it knows it. Windows Phone (by extension Nokia) is gaining ground at an incredible rate, all at BlackBerry’s loss.  Samsung, the biggest phone OEM on the planet, is also getting into the encryption game and competes with BlackBerry not only with messaging services but enterprise security and encryption too.

BlackBerry: kill BlackBerry 7 and forget it ever existed. BB10 is your only hope for salvation and every single thing you do that strays from the vision you outlined with the Z10 is another nail in your coffin.

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