A few quick words on Apple’s announcement tonight – UPDATE 2

A few quick words on Apple’s announcement tonight – UPDATE 2


Apple’s holding a press conference this evening at 7pm CET and are expected to showcase two new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. I’ve already made the “C stands for Cheap joke” here, but let’s put that aside for a moment.  iOS 7 should also make an appearance, and I’m expecting new Siri features as well as loads of stuff not shown at WWDC. However, there are a couple of things I’d like to say beforehand, and 2 streams are located below!

The fingerprint sensor better be magical

I LOVE security.  As an intern with an auditing company I’ve grown to appreciate security more and more, but entering a PIN into my phone or drawing a pattern every time I want to get into my device is a pain in the arse.  A fingerprint sensor can be painless, secure, and quick.  But, it’s got to be done right.

Every fingerprint sensor on a mobile device I’ve used so far required the user to swipe his or her thumb across the sensor while pushing down lightly.  If you don’t swipe fast or slow enough, or too hard/not hard enough, it won’t get a good reading and you have to do it again.

If the sensor’s built into the home button itself and it can scan your finger with accuracy in the time it takes to press it then Apple would have hit the nail on the head.  That might be too fast, so I’m thinking that it would require a slightly longer press to wake the phone.

Just do keep in mind that this isn’t new tech.  Almost everyone’s tried to implement a fingerprint sensor in their phone.  Motorola’s Atrix went all the way and put the sensor on the home button too, but it wasn’t exactly a revolutionary feature.

It’s a tired bit of tech that’s considered a gimmick by most out there but with a bit of spit and polish it could work really well.

Keep the 5C cheap

I don’t mean Nexus 4 cheap (which would be a massive blow to Google) but if the iPhone 5C retails for $/€400 (off contract, of course) it’ll undercut every Android flagship on the market, and some mid-range options like the S4 Mini and HTC One Mini.

Watch it here

These are two streams I’ve found. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that they’ll stay up throughout the event and may not be able to update if they crash.  Happy streaming!

The YouTube stream has been removed, and the Ustream stream below is actually a podcast. Apple doesn’t stream to non-Apple devices, but some are claiming that there is no live stream at all.  I can not confirm.  I offer you my most sincere apologies!

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