Techno Speak’s Back to School Guide!

Techno Speak’s Back to School Guide!

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You’re only as good as your tools. Seriously.

For many of you, my readers, the next couple of months are your time to upgrade.  As you slowly settle into 6th form, University, MCAST, or any other school you start evaluating the gear you’ve got – and that which you don’t.  Need a new tablet to leave your 17″ laptop at home?  Need to get a more powerful laptop, maybe?  Need a smartphone?  Or maybe a nice bag to carry all your kit in?

No matter what your needs are or what budget you’ve got, I’ve got you covered.  Be it some form of notebook, tablet, smartphone, accessory, or the app to bring everything together, you’ll find the best deals right here, all available in local stores or from online retailers with international shipping.

Oh, and if you’re not a school student?  All of the student stuff still applies, only you can’t get any of it with your smart card!   Click on every section’s cover photo below to go to that section.  If you’ve got any ideas, or maybe I left some something out, you know where to find me!

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