In Pictures: Robot Wars 2013

In Pictures: Robot Wars 2013


Each of the robots is impressive. The blue Ace is possibly the least intimidating of the 4: Hades dominates with its nuke green paintjob and lifter, the Widowmaker has a massive saw/spinner jutting out of its body, and Chewie lies low on the ground like a Victorian ironclad. I can’t overstate my respect for each team’s ingenuity.  

Here are a few particularly awesome moments from the tournament:

  • Chewie accelerating towards his opponent, landing a glancing blow, then ricocheting onto the Arena’s ramp, immobilizing him.
  • Hades lifting…anything.  Nothing’s more satisfying than watching that green bot flipping its opponent end over end…
  • …and hilarity ensues when Hades flips his opponents with such vigour it itself falls over!
  • The finale between Chewie and Ace.  Seriously, it was tense, and if it weren’t for the Ace’s spinner trying to tear its master apart from the inside it may have won the tournament.  Then again Chewie was built like a tank, so it may have taken all Ace could deliver and then some.
  • Ace revving up its spinner with such strength that it starts to tear itself apart.
  • The Widowmaker attacking Ace and getting its spinner lodged in Ace’s hull!

Make sure you’re there next year, it’s a hell of an event!  I’m really sorry about this late and slightly dry post, but I hope my photography makes up for it!  And finally many thanks go to the IEEE Student Branch for organising this awesome event!


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