Pro Tip: Share Your Desktop Wallpaper On Your Start Screen

Pro Tip: Share Your Desktop Wallpaper On Your Start Screen

Desktop-Start Merge

Do you know what the biggest problem with Windows 8 is?  Despite everything that Microsoft does the Desktop environment is still what everyone uses, and with good reason.  While that’s not that bad on its own, switching to the Desktop and its Windows 7 era Aereo UI is jarring – the Modern UI and Aereo are polar opposites.

Despite all signs to the contrary it seems like Microsoft’s fully aware of this problem.  In Windows 8.1 they added a nifty little feature that makes the Windows 8.1 user experience so much better, so much more coherent.

The Tip


Right click on the taskbar, click on’Properties’.  Next click on the ‘Navigation tab’, and click the box next to “Show my desktop background on Start”.

I don’t know why this option’s hidden away in an nearly obsolete environment and in a submenu, and I really can’t understand why it’s under Navigation instead of just in the Personalize screen, but I digress.  Sharing the wallpaper between the Desktop and Start makes for a great change in user experience, a very positive change.  If the contrast in UIs has been nagging, this will soothe your itch.

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