Pro Tip: Get Google Home On Your Android Phone Right Now

Pro Tip: Get Google Home On Your Android Phone Right Now

Nexus 4 GEL

One of the biggest tech bums this year was definitely the fact that the gorgeous Google Experience Launcher (aka Google Home) was limited to just the Nexus 5, at least for the time being.  Bummer.

But then along comes Ron Amadeo over at Ars Technica (previously of Android Police fame) who discovers that not only can any device run Google Home, but you’ve already got all the necessary code and assets on your phone!  Here’s why, straight from the horse’s mouth, and read on past the break for the tip:

That’s right, Google Search isn’t just integrated into the home screen, it is the home screen. Everything you see on the home screen—the wallpaper, the icons, the widgets, and the app drawer—are all drawn by the Google Search app. “GoogleHome.apk” still exists, but it is an empty shell that forwards everything to the search app. – Ron Amadeo, Arstechnica

The Tip

If you’ve got a phone running Google Search with Google Now, you can install Google Home right now.  Since the code’s already on your phone all you need is the Google Home apk to enable it!  You can download it from the original Android Police post here.

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