New Peugeot 108 Revealed

New Peugeot 108 Revealed

peugeot 108


This is the new Peugeot 108, a car aimed to take on the might of small cars like the Fiat 500, the VW Up! and Kia Picanto.

The 108 follows the same basic principles as the 107 which came before it. The 108 will be based on the same platform on the next generation Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1. It will also be built alongside these two models in the same factory in the Czech Republic.

The new 108 aims to be the lightest car in its class, weighing as little as 840kg, and comes in three and five-door models. The surprise here is that the three-door will also be available with a retractable fabric roof, in the same style as a Fiat 500C or Citroen DS3 Cabriolet. This new car is less cutesy than the outgoing 107, and has a more upmarket look to it. The new design features elements from its current design language, such as a smaller front grille and “lion’s claw” taillights.

In a bid to make the new car feel more upmarket, the car will be available with options like a 7 inch touchscreen, keyless entry, push button start and automatic air-conditioning. This touchscreen uses “Mirrorlink” system to connect to your smartphone and use the smartphone through the car’s touchscreen. There will also be an internet radio service made available, known as “Peugeot Music.”

peugeot 108 rear


The car will be available with a choice of two petrol engines. A 1.0 litre engine, producing 68bhp and emitting just 97 g/km of CO2 in standard set-up, then an e-VTi emitting 88 g/km of CO2.  There will also be a 1.2 litre unit, producing 82bhp and emitting 99 g/km of CO2. No diesel engines are planned for this car as EU regulations would make diesel engines of this size too expensive to develop. These engines can be mated to either a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission.

On the whole, its a great step forward for Peugeot’s city car. The 107 has been rather long in the tooth for quite some time now, and was in desperate need of updating. The new look could very well tempt buyers from the Up! and the 500, and offering it upmarket features like a 7 inch touchscreen and keyless entry will make this car stick out from the rest of the crowd.

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