A New Segment for Techno-Speak!

A New Segment for Techno-Speak!

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My name is Zach Galea, the car correspondent for Techno-Speak. I previously wrote for Emmanuel Buttigieg’s previous website, enexi.net.  I have been interested in anything that goes vroom for many years, and have a particular fondness for European cars, particularly those built in Italy. I’ve been a licensed driver since May 2013, and am currently driving a red Peugeot 206.

Now I have been asked to write for Emmanuel’s latest and greatest creation, Techno-Speak, a blog dedicated to all things technological. With cars becoming more and more technical, with advanced traction control systems and in-car entertainment becoming more and more sophisticated, it is only fitting for Techno-Speak to introduce a new segment dedicated to car news and anything related to the automotive industry.

I aim to do my best to keep you the readers up to date with the latest news coming from the automotive world as well as adding my own opinions on the latest news. I do hope you enjoy reading all my future articles, and stay tuned to our website!

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