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Month: July 2014

Stanford Researches Promise Lithium Battery With Double the Capacity

Stanford Researches Promise Lithium Battery With Double the Capacity

lithium ion battery Nokia 3310Stanford researchers, in a paper published in Nature Nanotechnology, describe the “holy grail” of lithium-ion batteries.

An ordinary lithium ion battery has three main components: an anode that stores ions while charging, a cathode that receives ions, and an electrolyte between the two to facilitate the transfer of ions.   The cathode is usually a lithium-oxide alloy and the anode is usually graphite.

The problem, however, is that lithium actually makes a fantastic anode, but charging causes it to heat up and expand greatly, causing it to crack and lose efficiency.  To stop this the researchers placed a thin, 20 nanometres thick, layer of flexible carbon over the lithium anode, allowing it to safely expand and contract without cracking.

Ultimately?  A lithium anode and cathode battery would be able to store nearly twice the ions of current battery technology, making it a pretty nice stopgap till the real game changer hits the market.

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HSBC Launches Mobile Banking In Malta

HSBC Launches Mobile Banking In Malta

HSBCLast week HSBC launched mobile banking here in Malta, the second bank to do so after BOV launched their mobile apps two years ago.

HSBC’s mobile banking is available for free to all Internet Banking customers and has launched companion apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, together with an all new mobile site.

Having used the app personally, HSBC’s mobile banking is an excellent way to keep track and manage your financials on the go, though logging in is a bit of a pain and the interface is just plain bad.  Really, HSBC? An HTML wrapper?

Click through after the break for a short gallery of screenshots.

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Haven’t gotten OK Google everywhere? Time for a hack

Haven’t gotten OK Google everywhere? Time for a hack

Ok Google EverywhereGoogle’s taking a leaf out of Motorola’s book and allowing users to access Google Now from any screen on their phone by saying “OK Google”, whereas it previously only worked in the Google Now app and the Google Launcher on 4.4.  It’s been rolling out slowly, but far too slowly for some.  Want ‘OK Google Everywhere’?

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  1. Make sure Google Now is enabled.  If it isn’t, follow this dead-simple guide.
  2. Open Google Now
  3. Type “Okay Google Everywhere” into the search box, search
  4. Go into Google Now’s Settings
  5. Hit “Voice”
  6. Under “OK Google Detection” you should see three options instead of the usual one, the first should already be ticked, the second is unticked, and the third is faded
  7. Tick the second option, follow the guide, and you’re done!

Welcome to “OK Google” detection ANYWHERE on your phone, even the lockscreen!

AndroidPolice has tried it on 3 phones out of 3,  and it’s worked on both my Nexus 5 and Zach’s.  Go for it!

Note:  it seems to work only with US English, and you have to have Google Now enabled.

Source: Android Police