Moto 360 vs LG G Watch R

Moto 360 vs LG G Watch R

Moto 360 vs G Watch RIt was only a matter of time before OEMs put away their drab black rectangles and finally turned to meet Motorola head on.  LG’s taken the first shot with the G Watch R, leaking, announcing, then revealing specs all within a week as though their pants were on fire. We don’t know all that much about either, and none of them have hit the shelves yet, but how about a quick comparison?


Arguably the most important aspect of a watch, after battery life, is how it looks.  A truly dependable and wearable watch must be able to blend in with the rest of your outfit and accessories (unless you’re a rapper).  Yet it must be unique enough to stand out just a tad.  The Moto 360 wowed enthusiasts immediately, but the G Watch was bland and boring.

Things look different with the G Watch R.  It actually looks pretty nice, has a recessed bezel with 15, 30, and 45 minutes markers and a more traditional design.  The watchface they have been showcasing so far has a nice chronograph-inspired look, only for some reason the two sub-dials show the time in New York and London.  It’s a very casual, slightly rugged design that would pair well with a t-shirt and jeans.  But it doesn’t seem to work with more formal attire.  Look at how awkward the man in the suit looks below.

LG G Watch R
It just looks wrong.

The Moto 360, on the other hand, is more classy than casual.  It’s bereft of any features, but not boring, letting its character reside in the sum of its parts and not just the watch itself.  Put it on a nice crocodile leather strap with an analog watchface and it’s a formal watch.  Put it on a Horween leather or a metal bracelet, and it’s pretty casual.  The 360 can straddle the line between formal and casual pretty well.

Therein lies the greatest difference between the two: the Moto 360 is versatile, whereas the LG G Watch R doesn’t seem to be.


LG’s revealed quite a few of the G Watch R’s specs. To recap from our first post on it:

  • a Snapdragon 400 CPU with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage
  • a 1.3″ P-OLED screen (same technology as in their G Flex)
  • a heart rate monitor
  • a stainless steel body

Motorola, on the other hand, has been pretty quiet. What we think we know so far is:

  • 1.5″ circular display, no display technology mentioned
  • 13.5mm thick case
  • limited water resistance (1m for up to 30 minutes).

From leaks we’ve learnt the Moto 360 can manage at least 2 days of charge too, but rumor has it that the 360 is using an LCD display.  The G Watch R uses a P-OLED display, which should give it a sizable edge in battery life.

At the end of the day?

Except for the images here most of what I’ve written about has been rumored or leaked, but both will be out in the open soon enough.  Motorola’s got an event coming on the 4th of September, and LG has their event some time next week at IFA in Berlin.

Which will you be going for?  The classy 360, or the casual (but awkwardly named) G Watch R?  Sound off in the comments!


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