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Month: October 2014

Purchase X-Wing & Tie Fighter on GoG Now!

Purchase X-Wing & Tie Fighter on GoG Now!

GOG-XWingI am in no way a gamer, but out of all the games I’ve played, these two I’m the most fond of. X-Wing and Tie Fighter, for the uninitiated, are awesome combat simulators that went above and beyond what you’d normally expect while immersing the player in the Star Wars universe.

Energy: Why No Game’s Come Closer to Perfection

Beside the combat, energy management was a key factor in this game and it’s a zero sum game. You, the pilot, have to manage energy usage between weapons, shield, and engines, but give more to one and another will suffer. Give weapons a boost and laser cannons will recharge quicker, but you’ve got less powerful shields or less engine power (or a mix of both).

The action is fantastic and beautiful and you can get both of them right now for just €7.99 each. Oh, and did I mention they’re DRM free?

X-Wing on GoG | Tie Fighter on GoG