Ad Watch: THAT Sony ‘Doctor’ Ad

Ad Watch: THAT Sony ‘Doctor’ Ad

Sony Doctor Ad

I’m not going to lie, I’m still a Sony fanboy at heart. Couple of things before I talk (awkwardly) about this advert:

  1. The ad was supposed to promote the ‘remote play’ feature of the PSVita but was immediately pulled down by Sony
  2. It was done by TBWA\PARIS, the French HQ of TBWA, responsible for both brilliant work and downright shocking stuff

The scene starts off with Dr. Powel, an (amazingly) attractive doctor, saying the words ‘I know you’ve already done it today’ followed by ‘And I bet you really enjoyed yourself’, as she swivels dominantly in her chair. Now, if you’re a straight male, you already know where this is heading.

As she pouts, leans into the camera and mutters the monologue littered with double entendres, in a sexually suggestive British voice, some of the places she mentions are just downright obvious. I mean ‘kitchen’, ‘toilet’ and ‘out in the garden’, would have triggered any testosterone fueled male to pause the video and go about his business.

As if the latter wasn’t enough, she also climbs onto the desk at one point with the camera zooming in, getting full focus shots of her lips almost whispering the dialogue. And then she pulls out, a Vita. Yep. A Vita. In all honesty, a Vita would have been the last thing on my mind hadn’t I known this was a Sony ad.

Now I’m not bashing this ad. I found it pretty funny to be perfectly honest. Sony’s demographics are pretty diverse though and naturally, it did bring about some issues. Especially with feminists (who would have guessed). In my personal opinion it’s not really ‘sexist’ but pretty ‘sexual’ and yes, there’s a difference. I don’t like the idea that my eight-year old cousin could have been watching this on TV, but it’s the sad truth that the Vita is floundering in sales.

The older demographic has become obsessed with mobile gaming and Nintendo pretty much own the younger generation. Where does that leave the Vita? The ‘remote play’ feature might have been the PS4’s attempt to save the Vita, and an ad like this with a massive amount of bad PR, most definitely puts a dent into those hopes.

Even though it was pulled, you can watch the full advertisement, here.

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