Montblanc’s e-Strap will make any wristwatch smart

Montblanc’s e-Strap will make any wristwatch smart

Montblanc-Timewalker-urban-speed-e-strap-watch-2 The wristwatch industry faces a bit of a conundrum at the moment. Smartwatches, while definitely here to stay and definitely getting better and better, are in no position to threaten mid-range to premium wristwatch manufacturers. But on the other hand, how can wristwatch manufacturers incorporate smartwatch technology into their timepieces without losing their edge? 

Montblanc’s answer lets the watch be, and instead adds a touchscreen OLED display to the reverse of the watch. It might sound a little odd at first, but I really think this could work. Just as you’d twist your wrist towards you to read the time, you’d twist it away to read notifications on your inner wrist, where the clasp would usually be. The device displays notifications from your Android or iPhone, specifically calls, text, emails, calendar notifications, reminders, and social media. The device also doubles as a fitness tracker measuring steps  and relaying information back to the pretty nice looking app on your phone. Finally the e-Strap can also act as a remote shutter button, can control music, and can help you find your phone if you lost it. Finally, a vibrator motor makes sure you know every time a notification’s come in, for better or worse.

Montblanc claims the device will get 5 days of continuous use, which is pretty good, and the e-Strap  can be charged through a microUSB port. Slightly disconcerting, however, is the e-Strap thickness. At 9mm thick it isn’t a massive bulge, but it would be pretty noticeable when resting your hands on a desk or typing away at your computer – which also raises durability issues.

The e-Strap comes with some variants of Montblanc’s Timewalker Urban Speed automatic chronographs, which will retail for between €2990 and €4690. Montblanc will be selling the e-Strap separately for a pricey but still manageable €250 if you want to add this kind of functionality to any of the wristwatches in your collection.

Source: A Blog To Watch

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