Google’s Oscar Ads

Google’s Oscar Ads

oscars-winners-hed-2015[1]Source: Adweek

As the stars shined brightly in Hollywood, and the awards were dished out you’d expect a tonne of brands trying to capitalize with branded tweets and campaigns as they try their hand at real-time marketing. And that’s what happened.

Huge brands like Lego, Coca-Cola and Dove, naturally, got involved. Another giant we mention a lot here at Techno-Speak got in on the action, that giant is of course, Google. Their real-time marketing stunt that promoted the movies that won their respective Oscar awards was pretty innovative to say the least.

The Ads on show

You see, the ads were not just delivered in real-time, the creative process was also auto-generated. That sounds a bit scary, especially for designers such as myself. Artificial intelligence literally wore a creative hat at that moment and went about its business. The ads shown below were served both on mobile and desktop devices and were changed to the next winner after 15 minutes which was the time, according to Google’s analysis, winners were trending. Using its vast ad network, and AdMob app partners Google was able to serve these ads on over 650,000 apps.


Competing with iTunes who have the upper hand in terms of market share is a big ask and Google is not on its own. Other companies like Twitter & Facebook will definitely keep exploring the advertising space since that’s where most of its revenue comes from.


Now we all hate seeing cheesy stuff on our feeds with a dash of shameless promotion. Whatever the marketing campaign, many believe that it needs to be as water cool and extremely nimble as possible. Additional quirkiness can also help, just ask McDonald’s. Of course you can miss out, and regret not seizing the moment.

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