The Film Look

The Film Look

There is not doubt that you have seen it, its literally everywhere.  Originally the staple mark of hipster instagram users, film emulation has become a much more evolved science. It seems that photography in itself has become nostalgic.

The photo books of our childhoods are being recreated. We are seeing film such as the Kodak Portra 160 and Fuji 400H both 90s classics reused for the modern day toddler photo, except this time with the convenience of digital. It seems we simply can’t part with the film look (and I’m not talking the vintage filters on your iphone or Android).

Polaroid 669 Emulation
Kodak T-MAX Emulation

The Software Packages 

Photo by Rachel A. K.
Photo by Rachel A. K.

There are many software options to get that film look out there. Now be warned. These offerings are pricey … and very much so indeed. Ranging from $49 to well over $149, they are are not what I’d call cheap especially when you’re a hoobyist looking to experiment with the look. The Nik Collection is especially tempting because of its free trials. However if you wish to not disturb your precious workflow then do take a look at VSCO Film, as it integrates seamlessly into your Lightroom set-up. These are a few packages I suggest:

Film emulation will not be the perfect substitute for most, however it must be said that great strides have been made in bringing film into the 21st century with an ever increasing range of films making the transition to digital. That said it is still sad to see that the true film experience will not survive the same transition.

Some Examples For Inspiration

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