Internet Explorer: A final goodbye

Internet Explorer: A final goodbye


Way back when, Microsoft tried to rebrand the browser you loved to hate as a platform that sucks less and the online leader of an emerging hipster regime. All the marketing budget that was spent on trying to bring Internet Explorer back to life seems to have gone down the drain as marketing chief Chris Capossela confirmed the inevitable. Microsoft has pulled the plug on one of it’s brainchildren paving the way for Project Spartan.

Why should you care?

Well, to be perfectly honest, we were kind of shocked even though we knew it was coming. It’s not like we’re deep into crisis mode and we don’t know what to do with our lives.


But still, even though you won’t admit it, you first got lost in the glorious interwebs way back when IE was the only sensible browser to surf with, unless you were born in the early 2000’s. So there must be a feeling of empathy in that cold dark trolling heart of yours reader! No? Well you’re quite the bad ass.

You hit me right in the feels, so what’s next?


Well I’m glad I accomplished that average reader!  If there still are fans of the historically ‘slow’ browser, they can still use it as a standalone but don’t expect any support since Microsoft will be busy tending to Windows 10 & Spartan.

People have forgotten that technologies widely used today such as Javascript or Ajax wouldn’t exist without Internet Explorer. But then, Chrome happened. Developers were locked in rejoice as they bellowed hallelujah to Chrome devtools departing from an unfriendly ecosystem that IE had nurtured. The keyboard warriors threw their focus on not only the page access speeds but also the user experience which was frighteningly bad. Anyone remember the clunky tool bars?


Even though I realize the importance of Internet Explorer, I also realized that it lagged behind Chrome in almost every category whatever the criteria. Even though it picked up a slow path of improvement as the years went by, we all still know that it was like that crazy ex who wanted to be with you, even if it meant choking herself. (That 70s Show Reference, for those of you who don’t get it. Go watch television you uncultured dodo). Many years from now, we will tell our children of this glorious victory. Here’s to a better browser, onto you Microsoft.

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