Android Wear is different, not the same.

Android Wear is different, not the same.


Naturally with the release of Apple Watch upon us, you’d expect Android to ramp up their marketing. And they did just that in their latest cheeky commercial which was debuted at SXSW Interactive. Quick sidenote, before I start rambling. This ad was directed by Alexei Tylevich and produced by the gifted creatives over at Droga5.

Choreography was the dish of the day, as a host of talented artists danced away to the beat of Shamri’s On The Regular. Other than the dance moves, which I’ll never be able to do in my lifetime, the other important part was the diversity of the products. Not one watch was the same in terms of form factor or design amongst the host of aspects involved.

What makes Android Wear so different?

This clever campaign shows that Android Wear can be
dished out on a multitude of devictumblr_nk819x9xCh1ruyo8ko1_500[1]es unlike the Apple Watch. Choice is the main turning point which Google wanted both consumers and developers to see. Be it round or square, metal or plastic, silicone or leather straps the whole idea sticks to the brand’s mantra which coincidentally is ‘Be together. Not the same’.

Even though there are elements of personalization within Android Wear, I still feel that the company lock-in’s are a huge let down which is where Apple’s control-freak monolithic ecosystem comes handy. I also think that for developers in particular, it would be a pain to figure out how to design their applications for devices since they would be unaware of whether the screen would be round or square. However, challenging manufacturers, designers and developers to be different can only mean more creative solutions in store.


To be perfectly honest I felt that this ad was a bit familiar (even though there was no silhouettes) to those famous iPod ads of the early 2000s. Nonetheless, with talk of Android Wear coming to iPhone, Apple better find a way how to up their game.


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