Canon 10-18mm STM Review

Canon 10-18mm STM Review


Rewind a few years ago, it was hard to justify the price tag on the old canon EF-S 10–22mm. However canon has finally seen the light and provided us with what could be a new plastic fantastic lens, the 10-18mm STM. Now I have owned this lens for a few months now. I was keen to purchase after the initial launch hype, and that wide angle goodness. Overall I am pleased.

The 10-22mm Left and the 10-18mm Right

Lets start with all the pros for this lens, cause it does have a lot. It is cheap. I mean really cheap at $300 or €259 you can not find anything like it, even from third party lens manufacturers. Due to its mostly plastic construction and ill get back to this later, it is super light weight. This makes it most ideal for travel photography for both landscapes and architecture alike. Despite also having a plastic mount it still feels well made and sturdy. The plastic feels of a higher quality than the say the nifty fifty and all moving parts fit beautifully snug, proper plastic used by Canon in this lens. And this in a body that also provides IS (Image Stabilisation) . It is also no bigger than the standard kit lens. It takes 67mm filters, so do be ready for that. AF is virtually instantaneous, silent and accurate, you wont know it even did focus. Ergonomics are great with a fly by wire focus ring being used here. Optics are great overall, really little to complain about at this price.

10-18mm Left and 18-55mm Right

As for cons there are a few nite picky things about this lens. One being it is an EF-S lens that means it can only be used on canon’s APS-C size sensored bodies, a bummer if you are looking to go full-frame in the future. However if you buy this lens than the probability is that you wont be doing that any time soon. The lens does suffer the usual vignetting, not too much however. The sharpness though, in my opinion was not what I was expecting. Now you will find else where it’ll say that this lens is optically superb, and that might very well be the case. However I have found the lens to suffer in this department maybe  controlled test shots will shed some light, stay tuned.


For Canon’s APS-C DSLR’s there is no other wide-angle worth buying. It’s price to performance ratio is superior to the competition. If you’re in the market for your first wide angle, look no further.

Some Canon 10-18mm Samples:

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