NSFW: Your competitor is a dick, literally

NSFW: Your competitor is a dick, literally

ibm-penis-hed-2015[1]Would have come in handy for Apple back in the day, notice the ‘I’

You know those other losers who are trying to outsell you. They think they’re so smug with their dumb bright coloured vintage logo. They think they’re some Wisenheimer with the number of happy clients they claim they have and the coffees they drank, oh poor babies save them from doing mediocre work!

Now when it comes to business , everything that seems even remotely mean is usually kept behind closed doors. Or else done through quirky comparative advertising and then be called a clever bastard, like the guys at Burger King or Pepsi, who’ve been doing this stuff before I was even born.

You could do that, or else you could just dish out 25 dollars and have some designers morph a dick into your competitor’s logo. The guys that came up with this ingenious idea, have, in my opinion, created the funniest cash cow known to mankind. It’s called Penised.com and everything about it is just plain glorious. Their about page is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. It’s basically an embedded video showing a scene from Superbad where it shows Jonah Hill’s character dick-drawing fetish. Perfectly reasonable, right?

Now you might tell me, ‘but Justin isn’t this extremely unethical and probably illegal?’. Well, you should start by removing that stick which is wedged so far up your ass and have a little fun! I mean who doesn’t like drawing penises everywhere. I just hope that this isn’t one of those websites that turns out to be just like a firework. Quick, flashy, random, worthless, and almost over immediately. Here’s some of their work:

Look at them, aren’t they just beautiful?




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