Last Week Today: Hipster Doctors, Exploding Cars & All In Between

Last Week Today: Hipster Doctors, Exploding Cars & All In Between


Welcome to Last Week Today, a new segment for Techno-Speak, where we bring a quick summary of all the news stories we wrote about as well as some other interesting articles written throughout the week by some of our favourite websites.

Monday 6th April

Apple employees Get 50% discount on Apple watch. Read the full story here.

Drive interviews Ben Hsu, founder of, to discuss some awesome Japanese classic cars, as well as highlighting some of his favourite Japanese classics!

Tuesday 7th April

Good Ol’ American Luxury – Our highlights on Cadillac and Lincoln’s new flagships. Here is our American luxury story.

Derek Smith, creator of the original Top Gear, which was first broadcast on BBC Midlands in 1977, passed away at the age of 87. Rest in peace, creator of one of the finest motoring programmes the world has ever seen.

Huawei releases teaser video of their upcoming Ascend P8. Check out the story here.

Wednesday 8th April

Apple Watch reviews hit the internet in a big way!

Tesla debuts new entry level 70D Model S, with 514 bhp and a 240 mile range. The 70D replaces the previous entry level Model S, the 60,  adding an extra electric motor and a bigger 70kWh battery pack.  The new 70D will come at a $5,000 premium the Model S 60. Here is Autocar’s full story on the new entry-level Model S.

Thursday 9th April

 An Instagram for Doctors? Yes, now even your local GP can Valencia your verrucas and discuss with other medical professionals what the ideal treatment may be. #HipsterDoc. Check out how Emmanuel’s innocence was ruined here!

Aston Martin and Henrik Fisker have come to an agreement regarding the Thunderbolt concept, a redesigned version of the Aston Martin Vanquish. It was agreed that Mr.Fisker would not build the car and Aston Martin would not pursue legal action.  Here is the full story.

TheVerge reports that Google could be working on making Android Wear available on iOS. Click here to read more.

Friday 10th April

 The new Lexus RX, a car designed for people who would rather be doing something else other than driving, has been revealed at the New York Motor Show. Here is the link to check out this utterly boring and uninspiring Lexus.

Google has reportedly created a small team to work on battery development. Could this be the end of charging our phones everyday? Here is the full story on Google’s battery tech team.

Saturday 11th April

 Tinder and Budweiser team-up in new Ad campaign. Click here to check out Justin’s views on the Tinder- Budweiser Bromance!

Author of this article had hopes and dreams dashed after editor refused to use this image as headline. Expect editor to disappear tomorrow.

It could have been so beautiful.

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