Top Photography Apps

Top Photography Apps

Now this is not going to be about the best camera on a phone. If you want that, then get an IPhone (a discussion for another day), and this is coming from a Android users. What this means is that some of the best apps for photography are on IOS only, for the time being. So if you are an Andriod user don’t you worry. You will be getting them shortly.

The Classic Choices


First up is my favourite and most renowned around. With a wide choice of filters it has by far the best selection on mobile. The unique film look of these filters get an image to a usable state. However it is the editing tools that shine through. The editing tools are simple and easy to use. It’s still a really impressive piece of software that can handle almost anything you’d ever want to do to a photo on your phone. And outshines even single-function apps in most areas.


Instagram is a must. If you follow the right people, Instagram is a good source of inspiration. It is not the best editing suite, but it has improved often and quickly. Just last month the new ‘Fade’ and ‘Colour’ features where added. Instagram gets what its users wants, and they deliver. The fact still remains though that Instagram is still a showcase of your photographs rather the editor of choice.

Something New


Screenshot composition.0A manual user’s dream. There is full control over curves similar to lightroom on desktop. You can individually adjust the blacks, shadows, midtones, highlights, and whites of any image with a simple up or down slide of your finger, can not get simpler than that.

The most appealing feature though is filter creation. These DIY filters are killer in the modern editing culture. Simply edit a photograph to your heart’s content and select “create filter”. The settings are then available for all your other photographs.

Available on iOS:


enlight screenshot

This app is packed. It is initially intimidating to use, but mastering opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities. Like Darkroom, you have full access to your camera roll without having to import files to the app itself. You will find the usual resizing features with the usual Instagram ready resizing option at hand. Enlight even lets you edit using curves, which is the only thing Darkroom charges money for.

That being said it feels a bit too much of a workflow on a smartphone, leaving VSCO Cam as the favourite with its good selection of filters, which are the main focus of all these apps.

It’s also only available on iOS, but an Android version is in the works… can’t wait :)

Currently $3.99 on the iOS app store.

Available on iOS:

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