Microsoft’s Edge Logo

Microsoft’s Edge Logo

Remember my final goodbye post for our good old friend Internet Explorer? Well here’s it’s successor’s newest logo. What do you think reader? Do you marvel at the beauty of the curvature that the designer has executed, or do you taste barf in the back of your mouth as you remember the load times from previous versions of IE.

It’s obvious for all to see that the design brief and the concept development Microsoft chose to pursue was based off of the latest iterations of the IE logo, with that infamous halo around that damn lower-case ‘e’ we hated so much. If I’m being honest the Edge logo looks like a negative space design of a desk lamp sitting casually on a desk. The curve at the bottom looks kind of unfinished and disproportionate. In short, I fucking hate it.

Why did Microsoft rebrand Edge this way?

I dunno. Beats me to be perfectly honest. I honestly thought that Spartan was a cooler name for the re-branding of a new fresh shiny browser which would appeal to a younger audience. However, I get what Microsoft are trying to do. You see, as a designer, the first thing you’ll do is bash the  aesthetics. Even though I began to cringe once I set my critique-ready eyeballs on that monstrosity where everything from consistency to thickness begin to look all wrong, the logo is there for familiarity.

So really, for that instant connection for whoever uses IE. All they see is that blue lowcase letter ‘e’ and immediately their minds would say ‘Oh look it’s the interwebs!’ (and hopefully they move their cursor onto something better). Now why would people want to be familiarized with a brand that’s been called ‘slowest browser’ over and over again.? Well we shouldn’t forget that Microsoft isn’t building this thing on top of IE, Spartan/Edge has an all new rendering machine which will undoubtedly include the richness of Windows 10 integration.

In all honesty, I see this as being a huge bet since being affiliated with the worst browser of all time, might kind of blow up in Microsoft’s face but then again for familiarity’s sake, it’s also pretty bold. Let’s just hope Edge won’t plague our souls like Internet Explorer did.

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