Last Week Today: LG Takes On The S6 & Lotus Goes Crazy. Again.

Last Week Today: LG Takes On The S6 & Lotus Goes Crazy. Again.




The Porsche Cayenne proved that performance SUVs were a thing, and now everyone’s making one, Maserati too. But they aren’t so keep on a baby performance SUV, do don’t expect a Macan rival from the Italian firm any time soon. Zach Galea reports here.

Things are finally getting interesting in the sports car world! Mercedes is axing the 3 door A Class and replacing it with a small coupe to rival the Audi TT. Between these two and the upcoming Mazda MX5 it’s going to be a hell of a year for sports care enthusiasts. Read more at Autocar.

Good news! James May’s favourite car is getting hot version! More at Autocar.



LG’s flagship for 2015 is here and it might just be the best Android phone you can buy, period. Handsome design, a gorgeous screen, and a camera that’s potentially brilliant should be more than enough to take the Galaxy S6’s crown. Read more at The Verge.

Remember the Ouya, that Android games console? Notice how nobody seems to actually have one? So have investors. Read more at Android Police.


Now you can both be sad but try to act popular with the selfie-arm! I’M SO POPULAR PEOPLE TAKE PHOTOS OF ME WHILE HOLDING MY HAND. More at The Next Web.

One of the risks of having a digital cockpit,  or one of the risks of adopting consumer technology for industrial use. iPads on American Airlines 737s crashed, and without access to WiFi became unusable. More than one plane was grounded. More at The Verge.

Microsoft’s mobile vision is growing, and yet more tools have been made available to developers to bring their apps to Windows. Now Android and iOS apps can be converted to Windows 10 with minimal effort while maintaining quality but not having to rewrite the entire application. Won’t bring any new users over to Windows but those that use Windows with other devices may not need to ditch the platform to keep working. More at The Verge.


Privacy is a hot topic today, and for good reason. There’s police work, then there’s an invasion of privacy. One of the few Congressmen with a degree in IT tells law enforcement what’s what. More at Ars Technica.

And just because:


It’s Malta! We’re in a cameraphone shootout! Also, pretty interesting experiment. Be sure to vote and check out our beautiful island at Android Authority!

Tesla does it again with the Powerwall, a battery for your home. This kind of technology makes solar and wind power for personal use actually sensible – charge up during the day and use up the power in the evening. Or when rates are at their highest. Read more about it at Ars Technica.


The logo for Microsoft’s next browser looks suspiciously like the logo for their last browser. That nobody liked. A browser whose dislike was so great the company had to build a new browser from the ground up just to get away form it. Why? Justin digs a little deeper (and rips way more into Microsoft than I can fit in this summary) here.


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