Peugeot Patents New Textured Matt Paint

Peugeot Patents New Textured Matt Paint


Peugeot has quietly shown off a new textured matt paint, which has a granular feeling to the touch. It will be available to the public on the newly updated Peugeot 208, which we reported on a few weeks back. Check out the revised 208 here.

This newly-patented paintjob still uses the same method of the primer, base colour and anti-corrosion chemicals, but adds a different type of lacquer. This new lacquer contains tiny particles of silica, which give the colour its matt finish, and a second substance, which Peugeot is calling “micro-balloons of polyamide”, which give the paint its textured finish.

Besides looking and feeling nicer, this matt paint is easier to look after than the ones currently available on the market. It is more hard-wearing and easier to care for than traditional matt paint, whilst also providing more resistance to micro-scratches.

For the moment, this new textured paint will be available in two colours, namely Ice Grey and Ice Silver, but if these prove popular, we might see more colours on the way too. It is also the same price as Peugeot’s ordinary pearlescent colours (at least in the UK) at £645, which is a nice touch.

Alternatively, you can opt not to go for this matt paint, and go for the new “Orange Power” colour option mentioned in the link above.

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