Last Week Today: Rogue F1 Cars to Hunting Sharks

Last Week Today: Rogue F1 Cars to Hunting Sharks


Welcome to this week’s edition of Last Week Today, bringing you all the week’s highlights for an easy Sunday morning read.  So let’s get started!

Monday 11th May

Heard the one about the F1 car headbutting a member of the pitcrew? Well, if you haven’t, here it is. Romain Grosjean braked a little too late in the pits and ended up headbutting a member of the pitcrew right in the … gentleman’s wedding vegetables. Thankfully he was okay to carry on working and took to the incident in a light-hearted manner.

Now, on to something a little less painful. Last Monday, here at TechnoSpeak, we brought you news of Peugeot’s new textured matt paint, which, while costing exactly the same price as Peugeot’s pearlescent colours, also provides slightly more resistance to minor scratches and is more hardwearing than other types of matt paint.Check out Peugeot’s new matt paint here.

Tuesday 12th May

Autocar reported that Lotus plans to make a hardcore track-day sports car, with rumours suggesting it went round the Nurburgring in just over 7 minutes. This means it is just a few seconds slower than the hypercar holy trinity, the LaFerrari, the P1 and the 918. Tipped to hit showrooms next year, it should carry a price in the region of £70,000. Here is the full story on Lotus’ new track-day sports car.

Check out CNET’s first look at the new LG Watch Urbane! Quite the looker, isn’t it?

Wednesday 13th May

GSMArena report on potential news that the upcoming Apple iPhone 6S will be in Rose Gold. Apparently, this is a colour. This news is coming from analysts, so take the news with a pinch of salt. Here is the full story.

Thursday 14th May, you know the one, they used to have three magnificent presenters, which the BBC decided they could do without (yes I am still bitter, I will never get over it), have shown a video of the new Audi TT Clubsport. In case you didn’t know, this mad one-off has 592bhp, more fins and gills than a catfish and now a frankly mind-blowing soundtrack to match the mad power and fins. Check out Audi’s five-cylinder symphony of rage here.

Heard of the Yotaphone 2? Yeah, the funny two-screened smartphone which everybody seems to be talking about. Well, TheVerge have released their review of it. Here is TheVerge’s review of the Yotaphone.

Friday 15th May

AutoExpress reports on some rumours that Peugeot will release a competitor for the VW Passat CC within the next couple of years. Dubbed the 408 GT, it is a four-door coupe which, according to the renders made by AutoExpress, will be heavily influenced by the Exalt concept car. According to reports, it could be based on the 308’s EMP2 platform, and use also a mix of the same four-cylinder motors found in the 308 as well as a potential hybrid version. Details on the hybrid powertrain are scarce at the moment though. Check out the 408 GT here.

TheVerge reports that Google may start testing new “buy buttons” which will live in ads when you search for something. If say you want to buy a new hammer, because you have a Jeremy Clarkson attitude to DIY, you would type in the word “hammer” in Google Search, and within the ads which pop up in the search results, there would be a button allowing you to buy that eight-pound sledge hammer you have always wanted, without breaking the bank. Here is the full story on Google’s “buy buttons”.

Now for your viewing entertainment, a shark riding a bear whilst carrying a machine gun.

Best buds. (No Photoshop, evidently.)


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