The Logitech K780 Will Add a Touch of Modern Style To Your Desktop

The Logitech K780 Will Add a Touch of Modern Style To Your Desktop

Have you felt your desktop’s been a little bland lately? I know I have. I have a black desk, and a black keyboard, with a black monitor, and a black mouse. Everything is black and plain…or it’s bright and gaudy, with shiny metal, bright LEDs, and logos so large opposite ends are in different post codes.

This fantastic new keyboard from Logitech, designed by the Red Dot Design Award winning Feiz Design studio, is such a breath of fresh air. Its composite wedge shape consists of a marbled white rubber base and a simple black keyboard with round chuckles keys, keeping things delightfully simple but pleasing to the eye. The two work together for one of the tricks up the K780’s sleeve: the ridge between the keyboard and the rubber base is designed to hold phones and tablets up to 12.9” in size.


Three Easy-Switch toggles embedded in the number row let you switch instantly between three different devices, regardless of type or OS. I could be writing this article on my Windows laptop right now, switch to my Android phone to answer Whatsapp messages, then fire off some iMessages on my iPad.

I’ll be personally purchasing one of these in the coming days for sure, so expect a review soon! And in the meantime you can check out the links below to buy one for yourself, or click through the gallery for more photos of the Logitech K780.

You can buy the Logitech K780 keyboard now from Amazon UK (£) or Logitech’s store.

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