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Google’s Oscar Ads

Source: Adweek As the stars shined brightly in Hollywood, and the awards were dished out you’d expect a tonne of brands trying to capitalize with branded tweets and campaigns as they try their hand at real-time marketing. And that’s what happened. Huge brands like Lego, Coca-Cola and Dove, naturally, got involved. Another giant we mention a lot here at Techno-Speak got in on the action, that giant is of course, Google. Their real-time marketing stunt that promoted the movies that…

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Developers in Malta, Lithuania, Cyprus, and more can sell apps on Google Play

Early this morning Google announced that it has expanded Google Play Merchant registration to 12 new countries from Europe, South America, and Asia. These are: Bulgaria Lithuania Cyprus Malta Latvia Estonia Panama Dominican Republic Honduras Bolivia Bahrain Jamaica Developers here can now register to receive funds through Google Wallet in their native currency, allowing them to sell apps in their respective countries. This brings the number of countries whose developers can sell apps on Google Play to 76. Source: Google via Android Central

Google Dominates Times Square With Massive LED Billboard

Android, despite it’s popularity, has little to now power as a brand. People know their phones run Android, but it’s Samsung’s Galaxy brand or Motorola’s Moto brand that really stands out. Google wants to change that. With the rising popularity of Nexus as a consumer brand Google’s been using it as a stepping stone to bring Android into the public consciousness as a major brand – it will be Android first, Galaxy/Moto/HTC second. First, Google forced OEMs to include a…

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Get 1TB free Google Drive space with your Chromebook

As part of a holiday sales initiative Google is giving away 1TB of free Google Drive space for 2 years to any Chromebook bought during the holiday season, or any Chromebook bought recently. I don’t know how recent is recent enough for Google, but I redeemed the offer from my Dell Chromebook 11 (purchases in July) with no issues. If you already have a Chromebook hit the source link below from it and enjoy a 1TB of cloud storage! PS. The…

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Google Releases Google Play Movies in Malta, Right After Play Music

Just a day after launching Google Play Music and Play Music All Access in Malta Google’s taken the wraps off of Google Play Movies. The service brings a new tab to the Play Store on mobile and web, of course, and users can both buy and rent movies from the store and view them on the phone, tablet, or PC. If you’ve got a Nexus 5 you can grab an HD copy of Gravity for free! Anyone want to make…

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Google Play Music & All Access Now in Malta!

Literally minutes ago Google seems to have finally opened up Google Play Music to the Maltese islands (and a few other countries, one would assume), not only allowing one to stream their own private collection online but to also purchase tracks and albums through the Play Store. The first change you’ll notice is that opening the Play Store directs to a general page with three sections up to: Games, Apps, and Music. Click on the latter and you have full…

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Google Now Launcher available for nearly any Android device

Earlier today Google officially updated the Google Now Launcher to be used on any device running Android 4.1 and up (ie. nearly 75% of all Android phones currently in use).   This, Android fans, is huge. For the uninitiated, Google Now Launcher brings Google Now front and centre and makes it your homescreen.  While the traditional app/widget paradigm persists, Google Now is just one swipe away to the right and can be triggered with the “OK Google” voice command from…

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Haven’t gotten OK Google everywhere? Time for a hack

Google’s taking a leaf out of Motorola’s book and allowing users to access Google Now from any screen on their phone by saying “OK Google”, whereas it previously only worked in the Google Now app and the Google Launcher on 4.4.  It’s been rolling out slowly, but far too slowly for some.  Want ‘OK Google Everywhere’? Here’s what you’ve got to do: Make sure Google Now is enabled.  If it isn’t, follow this dead-simple guide. Open Google Now Type “Okay…

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Good news! Google Now launcher now in the Play Store UPDATED

But not for everybody…officially Yesterday Google finally put the Nexus 5’s Google Now launcher on the Play Store for all to use and enjoy.  All, that is, except for people who don’t have a Nexus or Google Play Edition device running 4.4 KitKat.  If you do have any device that fulfils the criteria then go ahead and get it from the link below! If you don’t however, I’ve got you covered.  Download it from the link below! UPDATE: Some people not…

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Pro Tip: Activate Google Now on KitKat without root

Due to EU legislation devices sold in some European countries simply can’t enable Google Now on KitKat.  It works fine on devices like the Nexus 4 or OG Nexus 7 when coming to 4.4 from 4.3.  However if, like me, you bought a Nexus 5 hoping for all the Google goodness you were probably pretty bummed to find that you can’t enable Google Now.  The solution is mind bogglingly simple. The Tip Follow these 4 steps: Sign out of Google…

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