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Lightroom 6 has arrived!

Lightroom 6 has arrived!

Lightroom 6, or as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription where it’s called “Lightroom CC”, is finally out! Now this is nothing revolutionary in any sense of the word, but it is still great and that’s what counts.

Lightroom 6 at first glance is like any other run of the mill update from Lightroom 5, with no new killer features. It seems however most of the work was done under the hood. Performance improvements can be witnessed across the board on both OSX and Windows machines. Adobe says this will allow you to edit photos up to 10 times faster than before. What’s more, the company says it covers a wide range of computers, and even older machines will see an improvement thanks to the better utilisation of your graphics processor.

Of interest is that Adobe has added a few new features, the most notable ones being “HDR merge” and “panorama merge.” No more having to ‘Merge in -> Photoshop’, Lightroom takes care of it for you. The best part? These particular ones generate rich DNG files that can be edited without worrying much about quality loss, with support on select smartphones like the One Plus One and Nexus 5/6. Other features announced are the addition of facial recognition and finer control over the graduated filter tool.

The cloud has got some love too, with library syncing working across all your devices. With this version if it was not obvious enough, Adobe  is further stressing the value of its Creative Cloud subscription plan.  You can purchase a stand-alone version of Lightroom 6 for $149, you won’t have access to any of the file-syncing features, and you’d have to buy separate licenses for Adobe’s other software.

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