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Some People Are Heartless

Some People Are Heartless


The interwebs has provided me an extremely vast number of reasons why I should both feel ashamed of calling myself human, and also be proud of our existence. Unfortunately, as the title might point out, in this case its the former.

The agency that produced this was Leo Burnett Toronto, a Canadian subsidiary of the Chicago based agencies which boasts the title of being one of the largest worldwide agencies. All thanks to this guy. Anyways back to the commercial.

Jimmy Kimmel started the trend with his series of ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets‘. He put a face to the unsavoury activity of people insulting celebrities, even though they are people just like you and me. The series showed that Twitter, even though a platform meant to connect, can also be a place of deject. Naturally the trend got popular and people started making videos for all kinds of professions, from pornstars to teachers.  If you haven’t seen Leo Burnett’s take yet, here it is:

Why are you talking about this?

Well reader, before I start my occasional chatter, can you answer me this question. What does home mean to you?

  • A roof over your head?
  • A place you go to wash, eat and sleep?
  • A place where you go to at the end of the day to see your family?
  • All of the above? (I thought so)

Just imagine not having any of this. What would you do reader? And yet there still exists heartless tweets that plague the social networks we spend hours on such as:

When Homeless People Read Mean Tweets Everything Becomes Much More RealWhen Homeless People Read Mean Tweets Everything Becomes Much More Real

I literally couldn’t believe me ears when I heard some of them.  Now some of you might say, ‘hey Justin what if I actually helped these people but they chose to drink or smoke, what was the value in any of that?’. Well I’m glad you asked. By doing that you’ve given them the privilege of choice, something which not all of us have.  I’m not trying to be some armchair critic who lambastes humanity from a distance, I’ve gone ahead and donated so that maybe the smallest thing I could do can make a difference. And I suggest you do that too. Don’t be heartless, get involved.