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Layout by Instagram Is An Official Collage App For iOS & Android

Layout by Instagram Is An Official Collage App For iOS & Android

If I were to sum up Instagram in four terms it would be selfies, food porn, hashtags, and collages. So, so many collages. Both the Play Store and App Store are chock full of apps that will put your photos together in a fancy collage, but now Instagram’s launching their own.

Layout by Instagram is a completely free application that lets the user put together a fun collection of cropped photos. The app opens to show a preview of the layouts available, but every layout can be customised to the user’s delight. You can resize, crop, rotate, and resize sections of any layout to get the perfect collage.

Layout by Instagram helps you sort through your photos easily enough too. Firstly you can choose photos right off the ‘photo reel’, so you can insert your last taken photos into Layout easily enough. But Layout by Instagram also has an interesting Faces feature that will only show photos with people in them. It sounds silly, but considering all the other stuff we take photos of these days it will probably save quite a bit of time.

Layout is, of course, free, and is out now for iOS and coming soon on Android. You can get it for the iPhone and iPad here.

4 Things You Need On St Paddy’s Day!

4 Things You Need On St Paddy’s Day!

Ah St.Patrick’s Day, one of the very few days where one man can get stinking drunk whilst doing an Irish jig at the same time. Of course there are many ways to honor this great day. We here at Techno Speak believe that technology should be at the forefront of the day where the world goes green. So pull up a good ol’ wooden barstool, and listen to what I have to say.


iBeer – Because if you can’t wait to guzzle down a pint, why not pretend until you get to play beer pong. Drink Different.


Smartphone case bottle opener – Hats off to the guy who invented this, the ultimate convenience a lad or lass can have on this day of collective drunkitude.


St. Patrick’s recipes – Of course you shouldn’t be drinking pint after pint with an empty stomach. That would be madness. Satisfy your hunger with this app. Mouthwatering Irish goodies just a few taps away.


Pintley – Naturally on this day one would go for a good ol’ pint of Guinness. Pintley can help you discover different brews other than the Irish classic. Helping you get blind drunk one beer at a time.

We hope you enjoy this holiday not only to get wrecked but also to wear too much shamrock and make a prat of yourself. Stay safe!

Inbox Impressions: A Supercharged Gmail?

Inbox Impressions: A Supercharged Gmail?

Google Inbox

Inbox is blue and Gmail is red. End of article, thanks for reading. I should that I’m a terrible joke-maker. That sentence was the polar opposite of what was expected of me from Emmanuel.

Inbox is exactly that. A polar opposite of its 10 year old brother, Gmail. First off, Inbox radiates an aura of what I need to do, it adds a sense of purpose to your emails kind of like a to-do-list. It filters your e-mails into a number of categories or as Google likes to call them ‘bundles’. Emails you receive from colleagues, newsletters and that Nigerian prince who happens to be your relative, are all tidily bundled at your convenience. Don’t worry that last one is still filtered into junk mail automatically, I hope.

Highlights really caught my eye. It turned my endless list of emails into a kind of Twitter or Facebook news feed, making scanning through them a doddle. The best part is that you can preview the content from your inbox if it contains images or any other related media before you even open it, so basically you can already determine whether it’s useful to you or not. It’s convenient, but it’s also extremely creepy. Privacy probably isn’t that big an issue any more.

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