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[DOWNLOAD/PREVIEW] Firefox for Honeycomb beta

[DOWNLOAD/PREVIEW] Firefox for Honeycomb beta

There is, officially, no shortage of third-party browsers available for Honeycomb, each of which seems to have carved out a niche for itself with unique features and services. Heck, even the stock Honeycomb browser is pretty  damn good.


The thing is, though, that none of them offer up a really unique way of doing things. Each browser leans on one of two sides: they either follow the PC (stock Honeycomb browser, Dolphin Browser HD) or they go the way of the iPad – pre iOS 5 of course (Opera Mobile).

But then along comes Firefox, offering something fresh, something new. Firefox, as I’m sure you all know (if not, why are you even here?), is a major contender in the PC market, offering one of the most robust browsers out there. Their Android app, however, has failed to gain the same traction. Their Honeycomb app will most definitely change that.

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