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Pro Tip: Contact Sync and Facebook Messenger SMS

Pro Tip: Contact Sync and Facebook Messenger SMS

UPDATE: It turns out SMS is only available for a few devices, and I can’t find a list of which devices support SMS through Messenger. ¬†You can more or less disregard this, or you could try it and if your phone supports it drop us a line in the comments!

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Chat Heads are, quite simply, brilliant. I like the thought of them and they make up for a slight intrusion of my screen with sheer convenience. Thing is, I’m not on Messenger all the time, mostly in the evenings, and during the day I use SMS first and foremost. How could I combine the two? Give Facebook Messenger SMS permissions and access to my SMS.

Not all’s rosy though. I’ve got a friend called Nicole. We usually just chat online (she lives abroad) but since she came to visit we’ve been chatting on SMS. Since my contact entries are a little different, I’ve got a thread for SMS and another for Facebook Messages. Annoying.

The Tip

So yeah, make sure everything’s all nice and synced and lined up correctly. And go update Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Now. You won’t regret it!