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[NSFL] Figure 1, An Instagram For Doctors, Is Disgusting & Fascinating

[NSFL] Figure 1, An Instagram For Doctors, Is Disgusting & Fascinating

I love photography, and hence I love Instagram. It’s probably the most used app on my phone after Chrome and Facebook Messenger, and I love flicking through photos of breakfast, awesome cars, or street photography. It’s a dash of creativity in a busy university student’s life. What it isn’t, however, is edgy. That’s where Figure 1 comes in.

It’s an Instagram for doctors, but not one to share awesome photos of sad looking hospital wards or joyous moments between patients and their families. It’s an app that doctors upload photos of weird or ongoing cases to so they or others can compare what they’re looking at with what the consensus might be elsewhere. If you aren’t a doctor though it’s a very good source of WTF for the day.

Feeling brave? Check it out here and I seriously recommend checking out this write up on The Verge. I, personally, shall uninstall the app and never think about it again. There are a couple of screenshots available  after the break, but only check them out if you haven’t eaten recently.

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Layout by Instagram Is An Official Collage App For iOS & Android

Layout by Instagram Is An Official Collage App For iOS & Android

If I were to sum up Instagram in four terms it would be selfies, food porn, hashtags, and collages. So, so many collages. Both the Play Store and App Store are chock full of apps that will put your photos together in a fancy collage, but now Instagram’s launching their own.

Layout by Instagram is a completely free application that lets the user put together a fun collection of cropped photos. The app opens to show a preview of the layouts available, but every layout can be customised to the user’s delight. You can resize, crop, rotate, and resize sections of any layout to get the perfect collage.

Layout by Instagram helps you sort through your photos easily enough too. Firstly you can choose photos right off the ‘photo reel’, so you can insert your last taken photos into Layout easily enough. But Layout by Instagram also has an interesting Faces feature that will only show photos with people in them. It sounds silly, but considering all the other stuff we take photos of these days it will probably save quite a bit of time.

Layout is, of course, free, and is out now for iOS and coming soon on Android. You can get it for the iPhone and iPad here.

Instagram Goes On A Ride

Instagram Goes On A Ride



All aboard the carousel! Instagram have recently updated how a user interacts with a brand and the adverts they release, by the magical power of tapping/clicking. Yep, took them long enough. But let’s give them credit for the other feature they’ve implemented which is the carousel feature. Now you might say that interstitial advertising is an old concept, but you might be missing the bigger picture.

How it works

This feature only works on the new Carousel ads platform which was launched last week. It’s stated on the Instagram for Business blog that they are ‘introducing this new format on a limited basis’. So don’t get your knickers in a twist just yet, it’s just a beta at the moment. Sadly at the moment it’s not available for user posts which kind of bugs me but hey it’s being improved. Now you might go ahead and say, ‘hey wait a minute this is like the slide-y thingy on my Facebook news feed’. Well that’s true average reader! But then again, we both know that Zuckerberg’s brainchild wasn’t meant for photo-sharing.

The way this works is that users are able to swipe right on images and at the end of the carousel they can learn more about the product or service being advertised. It seems like something really unimportant & obvious but I think most people underestimate the marriage of the visuals and the link to the key information. You’d be thinking, how have Instagram made so much cash and have implemented this just now? Well you got me there average reader.

Why am I fanboying over it?

Personally, though I’m excited for how the industry in general is opting for more interactivity and dynamism, valuing brands’ stories rather than just sales strategies. Compelling beautiful stories is the way to go for marketers and Instagram has realized that (finally). They take users on a ride as they learn not only about what they’re buying but how/where/when it was made. Long gone are the days where everything is kept behind closed doors.

The best thing about all this is that both marketers & designers will be forced to get their creative juices flowing. Brands can use it not just for the sake of redirection but also to tell better stories about themselves. Even though it might spell the end for the print industry, as one of my favourite gurus said, I can’t imagine the ROI that one can get from investing in these dynamic products.

You can watch the video they put up over here.