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No Macan Rival from Maserati

No Macan Rival from Maserati


Maserati CEO, Harold Wester,  has categorically stated that there will not be a smaller SUV to slot underneath the soon to be launched Levante SUV.

The Levante is scheduled to be revealed next year at the Detroit Motor Show and go on sale later in the year. While there were rumours that Maserati would consider expanding their SUV line-up to include a smaller, Macan-sized vehicle to fit within their range. However, these rumours have been quashed by Harold Wester, CEO of Maserati. He states that such a car is not on Maserati’s agenda because it would clash with other brands, such as the upcoming Alfa Romeo SUVs and Jeep’s products.

The Levante will provide  huge sales leap for Maserati, as the SUV is a growing segment which no manufacturer can afford to ignore. While purists may not like these sort of vehicles, they do bring in massive profits for manufacturers to use in other, more interesting areas. With this reasoning in mind, I tend to think that Harold Wester could eventually go back on his word and in fact offer a Macan-sized car.

The Macan is the only sports-orientated mid-size SUV currently on sale. A similarly sized Maserati rival would make this segment a lot more interesting.


Time will tell if such a car will hit roads or not. However, the fact that Porsche has opted to enter such a segment of the market is quite telling. While what Wester says is technically true, VW seems to be managing quite well to market the Tiguan, Q5 and Macan in such a way that none is tip-toeing over the other’s customers. I see no reason why the Fiat Chryser Group cannot do the same. The Jeep would be the more utilitarian end of the market, targetting the Tiguan and Land Rover Discovery. The Alfa SUVs would focus more on the BMW X1/X3, Audi Q3/Q5 market and Maserati could tackle the high end, sportier segment of the market, currently only occupied by the Macan.

I am willing to bet that Maserati will change its tune once the Levante hits the market and the sales start climbing. For now, we will just have to make do with waiting for the Levante and the Alfieri.