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My XBOX Live App Released For Android

My XBOX Live App Released For Android

That’s right folks, Microsoft’s finally released an official Xbox companion app to the Google Play Store. It’s called My Xbox Live, and works well, for the most part.

The feature list is brief and concise:

  • Spotlight:  A pane dedicated to upcoming Xbox titles, announcements, and offers.
  • Social:  Here, one can see his avatar, Live status (Gold or Silver), Gamerscore, and a small messaging indicator.  From this pane, one can access his or her friend list to see who’s online and not, messages, and beacons.
  • The ability to send messages to Xbox Live friends, online or not
  • The ability of view beacons set by yourself or your friends
  • An option to edit your Xbox Live profile and privacy settings
  • Access to the user’s avatar, with the option to change outfits and style
  • See the games listed on your Xbox Live profile, their Gamerscore, and their achievements.

Navigation is nice and smooth, but I’ll reserve judgement till I’ve had the opportunity to use it more often.  While handy, the app is far from perfect, as you’ll read in my upcoming review.

Still, if you have an Xbox, it’s a sweet companion app to have.  Get it from the market here.