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Holy Moly! It’s the New Mazda MX-5!

Holy Moly! It’s the New Mazda MX-5!

003-2016-mazda-mx5-miata-1“This is the best cheap sportscar around.” If ever there was such a thing as automotive cliches, this would be the biggest and fattest cliche around. Mention the name MX-5 ,(or Miata, if you’re American. I’m not, so I’m sticking to its European name) and everyone knows. You may not get gasps of excitement, or be considered an automotive god, but you get the respect of every petrol head in the room. It is a car with a massive cult following. Some appreciate it, some would love to own one, others live and breathe them.

Mazda knows this, and each and every iteration of the MX-5 since the original has had an incremental design change and mechanical tweaks, to make the newer version better than the model that went before it, whilst at the same time maintaining the character of the original.



So what is new here? Well, first is the design. It is following Mazda’s current design language, known simply as KODO. What is KODO? Well, according to the Mazda website,  it is “the muscular beauty one sees when an animal pounces”. Quite.

Basically, for us normal folk who don’t have a degree in Japanese art, their designs are meant to be more muscular and more aggressive looking than previous Mazdas. Their cars also have this new signature grille, which was first revealed on the Mazda6 in 2012, which further adds to the aggressive aesthetic.

On the MX-5, Mazda’s designers have mixed the principles from the KODO design language with the raw simplicity of the original MX-5 to produce a car which, to my eyes at least, is quite the looker. It is 10mm wider than the car it replace  but is 105mm shorter than before too. It has also shed 100 kg off the previous model’s weight.


Engines will either be a 1.5 l producing 140bhp or a 2.0 producing 180bhp. Not a massive amount of power, but remember it is very light, and it has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. I think I would still go for the 2.0 l though, because you know, POWER.

Inside, things have taken a monumental leap forward. The previous generation car had an interior reminiscent of a Casio calculator. This one is more minimalist, and with the right colour leather, classier. All the buttons have been removed and in their place is a large screen controlled with a rotary knob near the handbrake. Behind the rather lovely steering wheel are 3 conventional dials, which are clear and easy to read.


Looking for a fun little roadster? Look no further.



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