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Last Week Today: Bazooka-Wielding Kittens & Turbocharged Aston Martins

Last Week Today: Bazooka-Wielding Kittens & Turbocharged Aston Martins


Welcome to the third edition of This Week Today, your weekly summary of all the news you may have missed. Lets start the week with an update from those crazy Frenchies over at Peugeot.

Monday 20th April

Peugeot revealed to Autocar that their popular RCZ Coupe shall not be replaced once the current generation has ended its production lifespan. This is due to a dramatic cut back of models of the PSA group. Peugeot chiefs have stated they intend to focus their energies on their core models, rather than creating niche models. Unfortunately the RCZ is classified as a niche product and will be axed, probably between 2016 and 2017.   For more information on this terrible news click here.

In other news, GSMArena reports that Nokia may make a comeback in a big way. A report from Re/code states that in 2016, Nokia aims to return to the mobile phone market. The prevailing thought seems to be that they will follow the N1’s footsteps and stick to Android. Here is the full story.

Tuesday 21st April

Marques Brownlee published his review of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and is nothing short of amazing. Check out the full review here.

Chinese manufacturer Qoros has revealed a plug-in hybrid SUV at the Shanghai Motor Show, in a bid to further establish themselves as a legitimate carmaker which can take on larger manufacturers. It aims to show off a new design direction as well as attract youngsters to their brand. Click here to read more.

Wednesday 22nd April

Google launches a new mobile network currently aimed at Nexus 6 users for the moment. Called Project Fi, the key selling point is that users of the network will only pay for the data actually used. This is TheVerge’s full story on Project Fi.

Thursday 23rd April

AutoExpress has revealed that the next Aston Martin, what many are referring to as the DB11, will get a turbo power option when it is available to the public in the near future. The article also shows some interesting spy shots of a camouflaged Aston taking on the Nurburgring. Check out turbo heaven right here.

GSMArena report that Samsung’s next smartwatch will have a circular screen. GSM claim the new smartwatch, which will be sold as the Gear A, will be equipped with an Exynos 7420 chip, 3G connectivity and wireless charging.  Here is the full story.

Friday 24th April

Reviews of the new Jaguar XE, one of Jaguar’s most important new models to be launched in recent years, have hit the internet in a big way. Unsurprisingly both AutoExpress and Autocar have given this big cat five stars in this initial test review. Autocar claims the XE is “Every bit the contender that it needs to be.”, whilst Autoexpress claim “This could well be the new class leader.” High praise indeed. This is AutoExpress’ review of the XE and here is Autocar’s verdict on the XE.

Finally, as promised, a bazooka-wielding kitten.

The little guy also has a beard and is riding a shark. Hardcore indeed.



Newsbook, Malta’s First News App on Android and iOS

Newsbook, Malta’s First News App on Android and iOS


The IT industry is, at the moment, one of the fast growing economic sectors our country has ever seen and while most companies have focused their efforts on enterprise services a few have given the consumer markets a try. Vioside is one such developer and I proudly present Newsbook, the first app of its kind developed for the Maltese Islands by Maltese developers.

The premise is simple: aggregate news from Newsbook, a Maltese news outlet, and present that content in an appealing and easy to read format that works on every phone I’ve got in the house. There are 4 categories present so far, these being “Lokali”, “Internazzjonali”, “Madwar Il-Hajja”, and “Teknologija”. Translated, these are Local, International, Lifestyle, and Technology.


Selecting a category brings up the most recent article that you can scroll through vertically then swipe from the right to get to the next post. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to view all articles in that category or to mark articles as read, but that’s a minor inconvenience. At the bottom of every article are buttons to view the video attached to the article, share it to any Android application, listen to the article’s sound, or view the original article in your phone’s browser on

All in all it’s a great application with great potential to grow and I can’t wait to see more developers put their content out there. Click through the gallery below! Also get it on Google play from here.